The homes that fill the neighborhoods in Bethesda are full of history and beauty, but they are also up in years. Many of these houses were built in a time when architecture was much simpler and true beauty was easy to see. However, these stunning homes might be large in size and history, but they are not equipped with an adequate electrical panel.

Generation-Ago Electric Systems

The electric systems that were installed in homes from a generation ago are not up-to-par with current standards. Current homes contain many more appliances including washers, dryers, air condition systems and computers. Appliances within the home are always on and this can cause an overload of electric power on 100 amp systems of the past. However, the best fix for this issue is a heavy up in Bethesda.

What is a Heavy Up in Bethesda?

A 100 amp system was not designed to deal with the amount of electrical needs that most homes now have. A Heavy up in Bethesda is an electrical upgrade that adds power to your electrical system by about 200 amps. When 100 amp systems overload this does not result in a short circuit, but often a fire. This means that old electric panels in your home can be a safety hazard. Choosing to upgrade your electrical system with a heavy up in Bethesda will add safety that you can count on. Many of the old electrical systems that are found in Bethesda homes contain frayed and brittle cables that are extremely hazardous. You must have your electrical system assessed to ensure that is offers enough power and safety for your home.

Performing a Heavy Up in Bethesda

This type of job involves the replacement of your old panel and service cable for one that is up-to-date with current standards. This new panel is larger and offers more safety that will keep fire hazards at a minimum. This type of upgrade to your electrical system is only done when a permit is in place. Every heavy up in Bethesda must be performed by a skilled, trained and qualified electrician that knows how to upgrade your panel most effectively. After completion of the heavy up is finished, the entire job will be inspected by a county official. This upgrade will give you access to more stable power that is grounded and offers a 200 amp breaker designed to handle all of your electrical needs.