“Making every connection as if some one’s life depends on it and it does.”

Our mission statement reflects our company, and we go that extra mile to make sure that we treat every single one of our customers as though they are part of the family. We also strive to do our utmost to honor the commitments and guarantees that we have offered.

Although we have an excellent reputation as a company who specializes in rewiring old homes, that is not our only focus. We deliver the same quality and attention to each task, no matter how great. From home renovation to brand new construction projects, we can help.

Our History

During 1968, Mr. William Hyman, the founder of William G. Hyman Electrical Contracting, had plans to pursue a career as an electrical technician. He found that his interest and passion lay in the realm of general electrical repair. He learned the trade by training with a local qualified electrician, as well as studying under a NASA engineer, until he was able to take his masters exams.

After obtaining liscensure in three states, William G. Hyman founded his electrical contracting business with a focus on residential service. His goal was to provide an honest electrical contracting company that cared about the strength of its customer service and formed long-term client relationships.The business has thrived over the years and has allowed the company to employ the most talented electricians in the area.

While not much has changed over the past 40 years about the basics of electricity, we are more dependent than ever. The electrical requirements in a home today are far more than they were even 20 years ago, and we are uniquely capable of upgrading your home to meet today’s requirements.

Insurance and Liability Provision

As a professional and customer service centered company, we have the insurance and licensure that is required to operate as an electrical contractor. We also carry a $3 million general liability insurance policy, for your peace of mind.