Old House Electrical Wiring Specialist

Even though older and more historical homes (those constructed prior to 1965) will need the expertise and know-how of a professional and efficient electrical wiring technician, most homes, which were craft built…

Electrical Upgrade

A lot of homeowners often ask whether their home is in need of an electrical upgrade. These upgrades are more suited to older homes, and they can boost the electrical service from a meager 100 amps to a more suitable 200 amps.

Electrical Panel Replace or Upgrade

An electrical panel replacement or upgrade can bring your old circuit breaker box in to the 21st century, allowing it to be able to cope with the extra demands that we now have for more electricity.

Heavy Ups

However, many of these large and charming homes were built many years ago. The age of these homes offers character and class, but the electrical wiring in the house is not up-to-par with today’s current standards…

Electrical Repairs

When hiring an electrical service company there are many things that you need to consider, and it is vital that you hire a company that has the experience and the knowledge to complete the task you set them.

Lighting and Recessed Lighting

Installing a new set of lights or changing a bulb can be a do it yourself project for most homeowners. You really don’t need Silver Spring lighting and recessed lighting experts for simple and basic installations.

Ceiling Fans

For some homeowners in Silver Spring ceiling fans installation may turn out to be a do it yourself project but unless you have the adequate expertise and all the tools handy, it may be wise to let the professional do the job.

HVAC Wiring

There are going to be times when your home or business premises are going to be in need of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) repair or wiring, and that means finding an electrical contractor to do the job.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Many more Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about their home security and they are now considering it to be one of the most important things that require their attention at this moment in time

Outlets/GFCI/Switches/ Dimmers/Controls

Hyman Electric offers you a full suite of services pertaining to all the electrical needs at your home, office or commercial property. Hyman Electric has an unparalleled portfolio and an exhaustive clientele to speak of its credible services and the quality of work done in the past.