silver spring maryland electrical repair

Electrical System Updating for Silver Spring, MD homes

You may need to call our Silver Spring MD electricians if your home’s electrical system is several years or decades old. Many homes in this area have not been upgraded and are vulnerable to blackouts and outages. We recommend a thorough inspection by one of our experienced, professional electricians.

Following the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on the electrical system and wiring in your home. So, before you experience power outages and blackouts, be proactive and contact our team of electricians. Of course, you will not be required to upgrade with us. It will be for your information.

Modern Appliances and Devices strain electrical systems in Silver Spring MD

Most homes in Silver Spring, MD are full of modern appliances and devices which, just a few years ago, didn’t even exist. Look in any updated kitchen and you will find refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, toasters, and other appliances that stress older electrical systems. When you add ceiling fans, washers and dryers and vacuum cleaners, there may not be enough electricity available to keep them all going simultaneously.

However, those power strains don’t stop at the kitchen. Many homes now have large, intricate, smart televisions which use a lot of power. Placed near those TVs are computers, tablets, phones, printers, games, and voice command devices. The average home electrical system must be able to carry the massive load of electricity that is required for all of these devices.

If this sounds like your home, you should call our experienced Silver Spring, MD electrician to inspect your electrical system. Upon completion of their inspection, they can make electrical system and wiring recommendations that your home may need.  The consultation would alert you to what is compatible based on your lifestyle.

A Phased-In Approach to Upgrading Electrical Services in Silver Spring. MD

Electrical system upgrades can be costly. We certainly understand that homeowners may not be able to do all of the necessary electrical upgrades right away. It may need to be phased-in over a period of time. That is a reasonable and intelligent approach. We will work within your budget by only doing a room at a time, beginning with the kitchen before upgrading the other rooms in the home. Based on our thorough electrical system inspection, we can advise you on which rooms and the order in which they should be completed. Using those recommendations, we can return at a later date to work on the other rooms. In fact, a new circuit box may be all that is needed for now. Regardless, we will work with you and your budget.