We offer Electrical Services in Ashton, MD.

There are many services that a handyman is perfect for but there are many services that a handyman is just not the right choice for. Risking the safety of your family is never a good idea and if you choose a handyman to handle electrical repairs instead of calling an Ashton electrician that is exactly what you will be doing.

Safety should always be a concern when it comes to electrical repairs, installations or upgrades. Electricians combine both formal education and experience to earn their certifications. They understand the “code” of building regulations in Ashton and how to adhere to them. The building codes are in place to protect you and your home from faulty wiring issues trying to circumvent the code by hiring a handyman is just a bad idea that can result in tragedy.

The Electrician Detective in Ashton, Md.

Older homes are a challenge because many times over the years the electrical system has been “upgraded” without much rhyme or reason it would seem. A new outlet here, a new lighting fixture there and a few switches added through out the years can really start to look a bit mysterious.

Figuring out the system in the first place can be a challenge for a well trained Ashton electrician if not impossible for anyone that is not specifically trained to recognize what changes were made and how. Recognizing those changes than making them into a system that can meet today’s standards is a specialized talent that electricians take years to learn.

New Electrical Appliances in Ashton, Md.

Installing a ceiling fan may seem to be a simple straight forward installation (the installation instructions make it seem easy enough right?) but once you get on the ladder and in the ceiling you never know what you might find. Using an Ashton electrician for even ceiling fan installation is necessary if you want someone that is prepared for the unexpected!

HVAC systems always require a licensed professional to do the installation including an Ashton electrician. Hot tubs (now there is something you do not want to mess around with, electricity and water together!) light fixtures, small repairs all can benefit from the expertise of an Ashton electrician.

Call An Electrician  in Ashton, Md.

A handyman is great for many things that need to be done around the home but not for the  electrical things. You have too much to risk by not using the services of an Ashton electrician.