Elizabeth Nuti
They were very knowledgeable about what needed to be done, and they were clean, prompt and had good suggestions in their initial visit about what types of fixtures to purchase. We had a lower quote for the work from another company, but the electrician did not show up for two scheduled appointments then never responded to our messages to find out what happened and to reschedule. This was the opposite of our experience with Hyman Electric.

John Crowder
This guy is great!! It was a Saturday and a whole section of the lights in my house were out. I had tried to reset the circuit breaker with no luck. I have a little knowledge about electrical stuff so I figured this was something more serious than resetting the breaker. I called him but since it was Saturday, he could not send anyone out until Monday. He asked me to go to the control panel and said that he wanted to take me through this step by step. I kept cutting the phone off and he would just call back. He had the patience of Jobe, and was very professional. He solved my problem over the phone. I would highly recommend him!!! I tried to get him to send me a bill and he refused. I give him an A+.

Denise Simons-Morton
A house inspector discovered a hazardous condition where the main power comes into the house; literally sparks were firing. This was Dec 21st, the day before a big holiday weekend. We called Hyman’s, and on the phone they said they were “closing up for the holiday”, but they recognized the urgency and said they would help that day. (They were the second electrical company we called, the first said they couldn’t get to it for another week!) Mr. Hyman had a man out to the house within a couple of hours and fixed the problem immediately. Needless to say, we then could rest easy over the holiday week.

Maria Palacios
Service was wonderful. We called Hyman and left a message on Sunday. We got a call back first thing Monday morning. Service technicians were prompt and courteous and patiently explained the problem and how they would correct it. We also asked about possibly replacing all the outlets (they’ve never been updated in our 40 year old house). They were very good about honestly telling us when and why an outlet would need to be replaced. We were happily surprised that they didn’t try to convince us that we needed to replace them all immediately.

The estimate was provided quickly and the work was begun and completed as scheduled. The crew was polite (actually quite funny) and accommodating. They even said that they would provide me power so I could work on my computer while they worked. Bill Hyman is knowledgeable and great to deal with. He was even willing to delay billing me for part of the work (though I ended up not having to do that). He called after the work was done and offered to come trouble shoot if I had any problems. I would recommend him to anyone (and have already).

Susan White
The electrician arrived promptly and did the work in a professional, timely way. In this day and age, security is a big concern -being a woman home alone while people come in and work in/on the house is something we must all think about. The electrician was a skilled and trustworthy professional. I would definitely recommend this company and will call on the again.

Michele Lichtman
I had a problem with flickering lights (lamps and ceiling fixtures) in a basement apartment, which is not metered separately from the upstairs unit. We could not replicate the problem, even with turning on lots of appliances in the upstairs unit. The electrician was very thorough and stayed long after investigating both circuit breaker boxes, he even started checking the wall outlets to see if we could find the problem. There were a few minor issues, which he fixed and I hope the problem is solved. If it isn’t, I will definitely call them again in the future. They were terrific setting up the appointment (I spoke with Bill Hyman numerous times on the phone), very prompt and very thorough, and also very nice. Oh, and although I didn’t get an estimate (it would have been impossible in advance since we didn’t know the source of the problem), I was very pleasantly surprised by their prices.

The owner, William Hyman, answered my phone call — a pleasant surprise. He was great, asked a lot of questions about the house before even sending anyone out. The technician was really nice, professional and punctual. He worked with the owner via cell phone and pictures to find the best spot for the new breaker box. Again, the previous owners had done a poor job, so I really appreciated the thought that the technician and Mr. Hyman put into finding the right box placement, one that solved the immediate problem but that also would work for any future additions to our house. It just showed they cared. The electricians who completed the job were also really nice, very professional and on time. From the top down, everyone seemed to take pride in their craft. I love that. We have some other projects coming up and we’ll definitely be calling them back. It’ll also be a pleasure to recommend them to friends or anyone else who needs an electrician.

Christopher Padilla
My air conditioning stopped working and the HVAC Company said the problem was with the electrical system. I called this company and they came immediately to investigate the problem. The technician immediately determined that my new A/C had overloaded the old electrical system and blown the circuit breaker, which he replaced. But he also found that the overload had been exacerbated by water leaking into my main electrical panel, and found that the system itself had insufficient amps to power the house. With the A/C now blowing again, he scheduled a time to come back the next week and upgrade the system. He also put in a new outlet on my outdoor deck. He came exactly when he said he would, clearly explained all the issues, and gave me various options without pressuring one way or the other. I opted for the more expensive solution, because I worried about the safety issues of water in my main panel. After the work was finished, Mr. Hyman called me to check to see if everything was okay. They weren’t the cheapest estimate I received, but I felt it was worth the money to have their level of service and quality.

Deborah Knuckey
They came out very promptly (within 3 hours of calling – others we called said it would be 4 days before they could fit us in), called on their way, were very communicative during the visit, and came out the following morning to do the heavy up. While here, they noticed the neutral wire from the electric pole was disconnected, so they took the initiative to call the power company on our behalf and after the work was done, they called to check if they had come and gave us a rundown of what to tell them. Owner also called after the visit to check up on how it went. They left everything neat – the electrician even took before and after photos of inside the old and new panel so he could show us all that had been done. The owner even offered to write a letter for the insurance co. if we were going to claim the blown condenser on insurance as that probably was caused by the power company’s downed neutral.

Erin Waylor

Whenever you turned on the hall light on the 2nd floor of my house the hall lights also came on downstairs. Sounds minor…but it was incredibly annoying! Also needed to add a new outlet in the hall, GFCI protect the kitchen, and get a 3-way switch in the dining room working right. Called Bill Hyman on Friday. The owner actually answers the phone himself, which is nice. His crew came out on time as promised a couple of days later. After troubleshooting the situation, they gave me a couple of options and were very up front about the cost to run the new wiring to resolve the problem and adding the outlet. The switch system is really complex as it involved five or six lights and a fan on two floors. It took about 7 hours from start to finish. After they finished, it works and looks great. The crew was first class. They were very courteous, hard workers who communicate very well. You may be able to find electricians who could do the job for less, but I am confident that Hyman Electrical does quality work that is safe. This is the second time I have used Hyman Electrical and I will certainly use them again.

Marta Hernandez
They were excellent and we were very happy with them. They were very responsive and very helpful to work with. They really knew what they were doing and they spent time to explain it to us. They also took time to contact the electrical company on our behalf, which saved us a lot of time and effort. They fixed a serious problem for us when previous people we had contacted didn’t seem to know what to do.

Kim Fernandez
Fantastic. We’ve looked for a good electrician for 10 years and Mr. Hyman and his staff were absolutely fantastic–honest and professional and extremely responsive. We’ll definitely use them again and recommend them.

Matthew Price
I called Hyman with the hope of consulting by telephone about whether a house I am thinking about buying needed to have certain electrical work done. I spoke with an electrician who was happy to answer my questions over the phone. He was patient, polite, and provided the information I needed. Instead of trying to sell me work that I didn’t need, he told me that the item was not a high priority and could wait. I was very impressed with their honesty and professionalism. I would definitely use them if I had electrical work to do in the future.

Deborah Knuckey
Excellent. Crew showed up on time; finished on time. Wiring, permitting, and labeling were very professional. Work was done by Mr. Jeremy Andres. I am an engineer and wiring bundling looked like aerospace quality. Discount given for Angie’s List customer.

Howard Smith
The electrician sent to our home tracked down an intermittent line-side arc, and he and the owner advised us how to get Pepco to fix it, saving us over $6000 dollars (what it would have cost for them to do the much more involved work that would have had to be done had Pepco not been able to do the repair. Pepco also was great to work with!) These guys were smart, on top of the problem, totally honest, and very helpful. They have my highest recommendation.

Sara Pratt
These guys were outstanding: friendly, professional, and gave good advice on lighting and fan placement. Cleaned up at the end of every day. Arrived when they said they would, had everything that they needed. Great job!

Patricia Caspar
They were excellent, particularly Jeremy. He arrived on time and quickly evaluated the situation. The circuit breaker boxes, inside and outside were over 40+ years old. He recommended the inside box be replaced and that the outside box was good to go at this time, and I didn’t have to take that project on. His recommendation was based on his concern for safety first-which I very much appreciated. He had to enlarge the area where the existing breaker box was in order to install the new circuit breaker system. He worked clean-no mess was left. He labeled all the breakers and walked me through everything so I knew what was what. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and as an added bonus very pleasant. I would recommend Hyman Electric to everyone…as far as I am concerned, they walk on water.

Karyen Chu
The electrician was very professional and explained what he was doing as he went along. He cleaned up the mess after each job before working on the next item. The quality of his work was good and he paid attention to detail — such as trying to align the new GFCI with the switches in the bathroom.

William Bowser
All went very well. They had a good communicator in the office who received my initial call and asked good questions. Scheduling was prompt. I received a “confirmation” call the day before and another one an hour before the technician arrived. The tech was terrific in every way – very thorough, polite, direct, neat work habits, skillful, good diagnostician, and very fast. I was very pleased that he took the time to really understand all the factors involved with the problem that I had.

Jules Spector
Amazingly, they were able to come several hours from the time I called. They worked within the time frame that I was available (which has never happened when I have called a service provider). They called in advance, arrived early, waited for me to arrive, took care of my needs, gave me sound advice about several other matters, charged me the price that had been quoted over the phone, cleaned up the area they worked on, and called afterwards to make sure I was satisfied with the work that was performed. A+ work, professionalism, and attitude.

Jodi Michael
LOVE THEM! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Took time to explain things in any way that other electricians wouldn’t take the time to do. Found and fixed problems missed by other electricians — including big problems (like the newly installed (by another company) air conditioner not being grounded and little things that made a huge difference (like the circuit box labeling saying things like “lights and plugs” on a bunch of circuits instead of identifying the rooms). If you have an old house, this is definitely the electrician for you!

Becky Durfee
“Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable” describe our experience with Hyman Electrical Company. The repairman returned our early morning call, and called 30 minutes prior to arrival to find the cause for a tripped circuit breaker. Quick, friendly, tidy and professional. Thank you!

Lorraine Fordham
They are outstanding! Right on time. Put down tarps on floors everywhere he was walking. Asked all about the project before starting. Make good suggestions. Very fast and efficient. Cleaned up every trace of his work before leaving. And he was kind to my curious dogs! Very satisfied and would definitely use them again.

Cindy Lamberts
Electrician was punctual, professional, explained the installation process, cleaned up the small mess made on floor, did a superb job. In addition, when I spoke to Mr. Hyman on the telephone to set up the appointment he was very helpful and took his time to explain what needed to be done. I would highly recommend this company.

John Mahon
Excellent! Great service throughout the design and installation period. Mr. Hyman himself engaged several times to support the unique design requirements, and to ensure everything was done right, and going as planned. Dog friendly folks!! They were wonderful working around and with my two large dogs; took great care to ensure everyone’s safety. Inspector who looked at the completed project said it was high quality workmanship, and, “very nicely done”.

Bobbie Steps
We had been recommended to William G. Hyman Electric from friends who had been using them for many years, we also found them on Angie’s List. Not surprising that they have so many satisfied customers in Washington DC as they are the only electricians who were willing to work on our 100 year old house without causing excessive damage to the walls and ceilings. We found everyone who we had contact with to be knowledgeable, caring and friendly. We had other service people in our home over the many years but our experience with Hyman Electric was by far the best. They took the extra effort to protect our floors they also cleaned up their debris as they moved from room to room.
I am very picky and appreciate their attention to detail. We are glad that we found an electrician we can count on and I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family in need of professional electrical work.

Eilene Lifsey
The electrician called 30 min. prior to appointment time to inform me that he was in route. Upon arrival he quickly assessed the job and commenced to install the fixture. His manner was pleasant and professional and he answered all my questions regarding installation and repair of other types of fixtures. Excellent customer service, I would contract with Hyman Electrical again.

Erika Olson
Two electricians arrived within the estimated time window. They introduced themselves and followed me to the location of the circuit box. I was on a call for work and they were very mindful of my presence, keeping their voices down. They removed the panel cover, identified the problem, explained it and fixed it immediately. They provided a detailed invoice, as well as some additional information on general questions that we had. They were very friendly, polite, adept and timely – could not ask for more!!

Teresa Dobbins
The responsiveness to our initial request, the assistance provided in purchasing a fan, and the installation were all professional and extremely helpful. There was an overall sense that no job was too small for them. The installer was professional, helpful and pleasant, as well as thorough. The fan and wiring were installed with no damage to walls or ceiling!

Robert Mann-Thompson
The service went really well. It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had with an electrical contractor. Mr. Hyman is very personable, informative and very, very responsive.

Jacob Buehler
Great service from Bill Hyman and his team. Professional and prompt, great communication, and extremely knowledgeable of old houses and wiring issues. Called on Saturday (Thanksgiving weekend no less!), received callback on Sunday, scheduled estimate on Monday, service completed on Wednesday. There are probably cheaper options out there, but why bother? We had a “handyman” review our electrical issues (intermittent power in a garage apt.) last summer, and he essentially shrugged it off citing heat and outlet connector issues. Fast forward to last week when the entire apt went dark–and we had a houseguest arriving on Friday! Went to Angie’s List, found Bill’s listing, and here we are. Will definitely be calling Bill and team again.

Carol Hall
Bill Hyman was incredibly responsive to every contact. His price was a wee bit higher than the lowest provider, but it took that one a full week to get back to us after our initial email contact. The service was performed on time, with full clean-up afterwards, and we cannot be happier with them. The electricians were both very pleasant and polite. I give this company a full thumb’s up!

Matthew Turner
These guys are great. From the moment we submitted the request for quote, Mr. Hyman followed up. I sent him pictures to his mobile phone and he gave me a quote.
We were able to schedule the appointment the next week. When one suggested time did not work, Mr. Hyman worked around my schedule. On the day of, I received a message that the technician would be here in approximately 45 minutes. He was on time, courteous, friendly, and very professional. It was a very nasty, rainy day so he wore shoe covers every time he came in the house from outside. These guys are great and I highly recommend them. They’re prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and considerate. They also have pride in their work. You don’t see that much around this city.

Stephanie Kushner
Bill Hyman and his team are terrific. Bill took the time on the phone to discuss all our electrical needs and to then send a very well qualified electrician out to our house to review our service panel and take care of a few other electrical needs. Once they reviewed the need to upgrade a very old service panel, I was provided a detailed estimate. I had a trusted building contractor review the estimate and they felt it was a very good estimate, priced competitively, and very complete.
The work was done in an efficient and timely manner. The crew were fantastic. We discovered an issue while conducting the service upgrade that required Pepco’s attention. They advised me to call Pepco directly and Bill personally followed up with Pepco and ensured that the problem that included a safety issue was dealt with right away. Were it not for Bill’s outreach, I do not think we would have received the service needed so quickly.
As you can tell, I was very pleased and impressed with Hyman Electrical Contractor and would highly recommend them.

Richard Olson
Ours was a very simple electrical issue so it wasn’t a complex job but I was impressed with the ease of using Hyman Electric. It was easy to schedule an appointment (they were flexible) and very responsive. They gave me options – kept me informed and the service repair guy called when he was on his way. The repair was simple and working with Hyman Electric made it even better!

Roger Limoges
This was an all-around wonderful experience. Mr. Hyman came to inspect the damage, gave me a written estimate, and communicated with me frequently about what work would be done and when it would be done. The work was done in a professional manner, on time, and in a tidy manner. Mr. Hyman also contacted me after work was completed to ensure I was satisfied with it. I would highly recommend him.

Page Morris
Service was great: the crew was professional and efficient. They rapidly diagnosed a confusing situation, addressed a myriad of issues effectively and were tidy and friendly. Would highly recommend the service–a great value with peace of mind.

Linda Murphy
Communication was top notch, Bill responded and communicated very timely either by phone or text. He was true to his word. The work was done very professionally, the rep even wore booties (boot covers) when he entered my house. He worked fast and efficient, showed me his findings, and explained the solution and cost. Service was up and running again that same visit. I would use them again and recommend them 100%.

Robert Cali
They came on the day they said they would and called about 30 minutes before arriving. Both electricians put booties over their shoes before coming into the house (very much appreciated). I showed them what I wanted done and they immediately went to work. To change some of the outlets they needed to move furniture and beds and they took care of that without any problems. There was a lot to do so they were in the house for a few hours. I felt comfortable enough to go outside and do yard work while they did their work inside the house. They were professional at all times and did a great job including cleaning up after they were done. I would definitely use them again.

Amaya Bassett
We had to find someone at the last minute to do a not-at-all-small job (installing recessed lights). Hyman was able to do it right away. They sent two guys over who did a beautiful job cutting minimal holes in the wall and ceiling and cleaning up afterwards. We brought them back to install lights in a closet, and they came up with a creative and attractive solution that does the job. Their pricing is 100% reasonable, and they are a pleasure to work with. We are bringing them back for a third job soon.

Fredric Salter
Electricians were clean, used shoe covers and drop clothes. Work was meticulously performed. They were extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and came 3 hours after I called. Price was good and they gave me a free electrical box inspection. Would highly recommend.

Ellen Lodwick
Called Hyman Electrical on a Wednesday and the crew was there early Thursday morning (after calling ahead) to perform the work. Electricians were pleasant, businesslike and left absolutely no mess when the project was completed. Ahead of time, I had covered a couch and moved a few small pieces of furniture. Crew also covered the couch and the floor in the area where they were working. We received an explanation of the work that was being done, which was completed in approximately one hour. The fan and attached light are working perfectly.

Danna Russel
Mr. Hyman and I talked on the phone and he was willing to work around what was a fairly fluid schedule. He texted to see if his staff could come by and we were able to quickly come by. Jeremy and his assistant arrived, put on booties and checked out the situation and explained the problem. They did the repairs quickly and neatly and were out in a bit more than an hour. They were friendly and efficient and when I expressed concern about not understanding the electrical language they were using Jeremy was super kind and let me ask questions until I understood what was going on. Having a patient, smart person who is willing to help someone understand the repairs is wonderful. I would certainly contact them again for any electrical repairs.

Daniel Amodeo
This was our second time hiring Hyman Electric, and we could not be happier. We brought them back to our house after they did a great job on a heavy-up last fall. Bill’s team, which consists of Jeremy and Kevin, did a fantastic job with difficult conditions. This job required a lot of planning and problem solving as they tried to move power sources and install junction boxes. They were able to install lights in three locations where they did not exist. At at least one location, they even corrected a serious code error for the one of the boxes. Their work was very clean, which minimized the amount of collateral work needed (whenever you need to fish wire, expect a few dry wall holes to help get the wire where it needs to go). Wherever they cut drywall, they made sure to save the pieces and re-install them in the hole. Jeremy is extremely thorough, and he takes the time to consult us on some of the most important minor details. For example, when we asked to have a wall sconce box re-routed to a ceiling junction box for a chandelier, Jeremy made sure to consult with us on the placement of the box before installation. He also offered great ideas and options on the project. Though a seemingly small gesture, we recognize that lots of technicians might just go ahead and install a box where they think is the right location without seeking any input from the client or providing any advice. I strongly recommend Hyman Electric to friends and family without any reservation, and I will be sure to call them again in the future if I ever have additional electrical needs.

“Bill & his team were great. Bill is extremely knowledgable particularly with older houses such as ours (1920’s). Team was done half a day as a snow storm was starting, left no mess, and were very diligent in checking every aspect of their work. Because of the weather, Pepco did not show up for their appointment to sign off on the work but Bill was diligent in rescheduling as quickly as possible. We definitely plan to use Bill & his team for future electrical work.”

“The providers were very thoughtful and very accommodating. One of the light controls had to be replaced and they took care of that. Most recently the one that’s been replaced has broken down so we have to get in contact with them again. However, the work has been really really good.I think that they’re price is comparable. I think they’re right at the prevailing price line. They don’t overcharge for sure.They came within a day to take care of the installation.”

“They did a great job. The inspection went great and they said Hyman did a great job. We have had no problems since.”

“When I called and spoke to Ashley she was polite and was able to get an appointment for me very quickly. I also spoke at length to the owner, Bill, on the phone about what needed done and he was friendly and very helpful. He gave me recommendations on what type of lighting to use and we were able to make an appointment for the electricians to arrive that same week. On the day of the appointment, the electrician, Jeremy, called to let me know he was on his way. He arrived right on time. He was a super nice guy and did the work quickly and professionally. I am extremely pleased with the level of service that I received and had great interactions with everyone at Hyman Electric. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone. Also, I think the price is fair considering the amount of time spent completing the job.”

“I must say that in my many years (I AM AN ARCHITECT WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE from 1951 to today) in and around construction, and know a lot about electrical systems.   I’ve hardly ever encountered a workman as nice as the guy you sent to me this morning !His name is Allan Something.  He was very pleasant, kept his work area immaculate, shared humor with me and, most importantly, re-wired the wall lamp in no time.  It was a wonderful experience.”

“Bill Hyman and his team were great. When our lights starting dimming randomly, we called electricians looking for someone with availability. Bill found someone to come look that same day (Friday) and they were able to complete the upgrade on Monday. The electricians were prompt and polite and completed the work very professionally despite the fact that it was pouring. Bill also helped follow up with Pepco to be sure they came to complete their part of the work. Would definitely recommend them!”

“They came when I needed them, knew exactly what to do, and were quick about it.”

“They were very accommodating and completed the work very quickly.  They had very clear straight forward billing.  The final cost matched the initial estimate.”

“Mr. Hyman came out after the job was completed to do a followup. We couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to working with you on future projects.”

“This is one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with repair/installation.”

“We are very happy with Hyman Electric…We plan to use Hyman for more work in the very near future.”

“They were great.  They didn’t talk down to me and taught me a few new things regarding electrical service.  They were professional, easy to work with and on-time.”

“Thank you for your desire to give great service, but even more so, your knack at building relationships with your customers. I am glad that we are one of them!”

“I would like you to know how pleased we are with the electrical up-grade your company did for us. Your employees were professional, courteous and efficient. I also appreciate your help in making sure the inspection procedure went smoothly. You certainly stay with a job to the end!”

“We are so pleased with the lighting plan that you designed. It was definitely superior to the sketchy plan provided by our architect. In addition, your guys are terrific! They’re great to be around, knowledgeable, hard-working and dependable. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or better professionals.”

“The electricians…were extremely professional. They were patient when answering our many questions.”

“They were great.  They were very polite and cleaned up well after themselves.  They came out very quickly and one person completed the work in a couple hours.  The price was reasonable.”

“The electricians arrived on time and were very professional. They worked quickly and efficiently, and left no mess. They were the best company I’ve dealt with in terms of answering the phone, returning calls, scheduling work, and arriving on time.”

“He did a heavy-up and brought my old house’s Edison era wiring into the 21st century. He also did a lot of internal re-wiring, installed smoke detectors and put in cable and high speed internet wiring.”

“We were very pleased with every aspect of our interaction with Hyman Electric. They came to give us an estimate in a timely manner, underbid other contractors who indicated that the work required was very complex, did a fine and professional installation, and the electrician who did the installation was very courteous and accommodating. We would give them an A+ on every aspect of this job!”

“Fabulous! Bill Hyman was very accessible during the estimate and proposal process. Plus, Bill even took a call from my father who knows electrical work to review the proposal prior to starting the job. On day of service, the crew was great – very personable!”