Hyman Electric offers you a full suite of services pertaining to all the electrical needs at your home, office or commercial property. Hyman Electric has an unparallel portfolio and an exhaustive clientele to speak of its credible services and the quality of work done in the past.

Any property would have a plethora of electrical requisites. There are basic wiring, circuits specific to certain zones and the corresponding circuit breaker or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in some cases, power outlets, switches, dimmers, controls and the plethora of electrical appliances, fittings and fixtures. Hyman Electric can cater to the installation, repair and maintenance of all your electrical needs.

Hyman Electric has technicians who are both well trained and extensively experienced on the ground to manage the most complicated of wiring projects. Your property may have all concealed conduit wiring, there may be some portions with concealed wiring or you may have a property with traditional visible wiring. Regardless of the type of wiring, the brand and type of wires and the age of your property, we can cater to all your wiring needs.

Hyman Electric can install every kind of electrical fixture. We can layout the wiring, from start to finish, and connect the wiring to every switchboard, wherever one is needed. We can install the finest of switches that would last decades. We can setup the GFCI or circuit breakers and interrupters, as many are desired or recommended depending upon the size of the property and power needs of the occupants of the property. From installing dimmers to setting up various types of controls, our full suite of services covers everything that you might need.

Hyman Electric has a very methodical approach to any project. You let us know your requirements, what you need and also share the basic details about your property which would offer us an idea of the kind of solutions that would suit you best. Subsequently, we offer you a quote that will be reasonable and it would be no obligatory for you. Once you are sanguine that the quote is fair and decide to proceed, we conduct an extensive site evaluation and chalk out a very detailed plan of action. We share the plan of action with you, put together a schedule that is mutually convenient and then get down to work. Hyman Electric is the most trusted Silver Spring company when it comes installation of outlets, GFCI, dimmers, switches, controls, ceiling fans, wiring and lighting including recessed lighting among others.