In Silver Spring the homes lining the streets are exquisitely designed and offer history that is high in beauty. However, many of these large and charming homes were built many years ago. The age of these homes offers character and class, but the electrical wiring in the house is not up-to-par with today’s current standards. The electrical systems that were used years ago are not the same as what is used currently. This leaves a problem that requires a quick fix. A heavy up in Silver Spring relates to a panel upgrade service designed to allow for 20 more amps of electrical power.

100 Amp Systems

The 100 amp systems that many older homes in Silver Spring are equipped with are not designed to handle today’s electrical needs. Many of the electrical systems from many years ago become brittle and frayed over the years, which can be a fire hazard. Heavy up in Silver Spring upgrades are designed provide adequate amounts of electricity without causing an overload. Many of the modern appliances that fill a home from washing machines to air conditioning systems were not introduced at the time that these 100 amp electric systems were put in place. This means if you have an older home, you are in dire need of a heavy up in Silver Spring.

What Does a Heavy Up in Silver Spring Entail?

A heavy up involves the process of getting rid of your old panel for one that is larger and offers more power. This new panel is not only lager, but also offers higher levels of safety. This type of panel installation upgrade can be performed with a permit only. This means that a licensed and trained electrician is the only one qualified to perform a heavy up job in Silver Spring. Once the job is completed, an inspector will arrive to ensure that the work has been done properly. There will also be a utility connection installed at the side of the meter.

What Will You Get?

A heavy up in Silver Spring will leave you with more electric power running through your home. You will have access to improved grounding, additional space for circuits and the removal of all old and rusted parts. Your new 200 amp breaker will have enough power to safely run all of your appliances without any issues. Now is the time to consider a heavy up in Silver Spring.