Washington dc electrical services

Electrical System Services for Washington, D.C. homeowners

There are many older homes in the Washington, D.C. area that have outdated wiring and electrical systems. It may have been decades since they were upgraded, if at all. Our Washington, D.C. electricians are available to do a thorough consultation.  Following the inspection, our experienced team will give you a detailed report on your electrical system and wiring.

We know the homes’ wiring and electrical needs well in The District. Because of this older wiring, they are prone to experiencing blackouts and brownouts. So, before it’s too late, look into updating the power grid in your home now, especially if it is several years or decades old.

The heavy electrical system needs in Washington, D.C.

Kitchens in The District are filled with modern appliances, some of which didn’t exist until recently. These may include a dishwasher, giant refrigerator,  microwave, electric oven, dishwasher, electric knife sharpener, Ninja, and an assortment of other countertop appliances. All of these useful and convenient appliances push the capacity of older electrical systems. Now, add air conditioners, ceiling fans, washers, and dryers. It’s commonplace to have all of these appliances without thinking about how much electricity is required to run them all.

But it doesn’t end there. There is the home entertainment center with the large screen TV, desktop and laptop computers, printers, voice command devices, such as Alexa, and tablets, all strain the breaker box when they are plugged in at the same time.

We recommend that our experienced Washington, D.C. electrician visit and consult you on the wiring that your home may need, including what the local electrical codes are. The consultation includes finding out what would be compatible with all of the appliances and devices you use.

Gradual Upgrades on Electrical Services in Washington, D.C.

We realize that not every homeowner can afford to make all the electrical upgrades automatically. So, if the budget is limited, we recommend doing one room at a time. Our experienced electrician inspects your home, starting with your kitchen and moving to your entertainment center, office, and other rooms in your home. This inspection allows our consultant to see where most electricity is being used and then make any recommendations. You may need only a new circuit box for the time being. Anyway, we will work within your budget as you make the needed gradual electrical upgrades.