We Offer Electrical Heavy Up Services in Washington DC

If you are searching for an electrical firm in Washington DC, Hyman Electric has huge number of electrical services. With our Washington DC Heavy Up offering, your old home’s electrical wiring can be upgraded. We can boost your electricity by merging 100 amps to a more compatible 200 amps of electrical power.

What does Heavy Up mean?

Washington DC Heavy Up involves the electrical process of converting your old panel into a modern panel though replacement or upgrading. The new panel offers more electrical power and higher level of safety. Panel upgrade and installation can be only performed with a permit. This is the main reason why Hyman Electric is qualified to do the job with the help of our trained and licensed electricians. They can carry out a Heavy Up job in Washington DC. After the completion of the job, a company inspector will visit your home for overall inspection to ensure that the job was properly done.

Why there is a need for a Heavy Up job in Washington DC?

In Washing DC, there are many homes that offer class and character despite of their longevity. Most of these historical homes have electrical wirings that were used long time ago.

Currently, electrical power system has already evolved. The 100 amps electrical systems that many older houses in Washington DC had are not suited to handle the 21st century electrical demands.

Today’s current standard should be followed to avoid electric fault circuits such as arc fault circuit and ground fault circuit which can be a fire risk. Appliances and electrical gadgets now require higher voltage of electricity.

Your home is a very valuable investment. Electrical faulty wirings can cause fire which can ruin your property. Through Hyman’s electrical Heavy Up services, your old electrical circuit breaker box can be upgraded or replaced. It only requires a quick fix with our licensed electricians who have been doing this type of electrical job for long years.

We have electrical specialist delegated to do the task for our Washington DC Heavy Up. Your old house electrical wiring replacement or upgrade needs ample technical know-how and expertise of a professional technicians and electricians.

Heavy Up in Washington upgrades are made by our company to provide adequate amount of services without causing an electrical overload. Take note that those houses built many years ago have brittle and dilapidated electrical system which cannot accommodate your modern appliances such as air conditioning systems, washing machines, and electrical fireplaces. If you are residing in an older home, you need to look for Washington DC Heavy Up services and William G. Hyman Electrical Contracting is here to serve you.

What is the benefit of a Heavy Up Installation?

A heavy up will make your home run with more electric power supply with an improved grounding system and added space for circuits. You will have the feeling of being secured and safe in adding more lightning system. Your latest 200 amps beaker is safe for all your electrical appliances without worrying any electrical problems.