Ikea Bendy Lighting

Ikea Will Change The Way You Think About A Lamp

Ikea Bendy Lighting

In an effort to help customers use energy more efficiently IKEA created IKEA GreenTech AB in 2008 which operates primarily in European Union (EU). It was created to find and invest in companies who could help IKEA customers “live a more sustainable life.” Their chief focus is in energy, future home, waste, innovative new materials, and water.

IKEA GreenTech AB invested in Design LED Products Ltd, a company that is based out of Livingston, Scotland. There new innovative light tiles offer a new unique way of using LED lights and can be joined in many unique ways.

The investment made by IKEA will speed up plans to create new products. IKEA is not their only benefactor; Scottish Enterprise, Tricap Ventures, Strathtay Ventuers, and Highland Ventures all have been dubbed Design LED’s “business angels.”

These lights use 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Another great feature of these lights is they are low cost, really thin, and are flexible. All of IKEA’s products will be integrated by September 2015.

  • The lights (light tiles) are enclosed in a type of film that allows the light to be distributed over the area.
  • These lights are modular, cut-able, very thin (1 millimeter thick), and flexible.
  • A heat sink is not required because the heat is distributed evenly across the surface area.
  • They are high efficiency LED’s with a high CRI and range of CCT’s.
  • The lights have a patent in the US, China, and Europe; they are manufactured in the UK.
  • The output for the lights can be single or double sided; and they are totally customizable.
  • Standard size 300mm x 300mm and can be customize to 1000mm x 600mm.
  • Consumes less power and has dimming capabilities.
  • From 25 to 100 watts.
  • The products do not contain any acrylics or materials that would cause yellowing or changes in color.
  • Easy to mount to walls they can even be stapled on.

They have a wide range of products already including the under shelf which features the Edinburgh and the Clyde; or backlighting and signage which includes ness and Lomond. The lights can be white or translucent.

To qualify for support from IKEA GreenTech AB support there is a list of criteria a company must meet aside from being in the cleantech sector which includes: there must be at least 10% ownership, must improve sustainability coupled with another positive effect like cost saving, ready to go not just an idea, a return on investment within 5 to 7 years are just a few of the criteria they are looking for. The investment process usually take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

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